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BGW to Warrington Gillette (Jason – Friday the 13th Part 2): “Warrington, since you have signed many items at the conventions, is there any 1 that stands out that you remember the most?” Warrington Gillette: “The one item I remember most is the Custom Friday the 13th electric guitar ! Damn brilliant idea…I wish I could play. Excellent idea ! Watch the DVD box set and you’ll see the guitar and JASON2’s comments….
“Special Thanks to Delores Rhoads, Phil Collen, Nintendo, Dan Lawrence, Brad Kelley and Brooks Burton for letting us borrow some of their amazing Jacksons to show off for the weekend in Anaheim. All of them deserve more than I can give for putting up with us and letting us use their toys for the show.” –
“Thanks to Brad K, Brooks, Curt, Todd, Lloyd, Lee, Pat Lachman, Metal Mike, Vince, Kirk, Charlie, Mike Phillips, Tom Oatley and all the rest of you hooligans and hellraisers for keepin me drunk and insane.” –
“Brooks, I did have three Collen’s. One of the first production pieces, real stock. A prototype that had 29 frets and the string through. Honestly the string through was the one because it sounded real good.” – Grover Jackson
BGW to Phil Collen: Besides Brooks’ guitar, have you ever used another fans guitar live?
Phil Collen: I used the one in Oklahoma, but no not really. Actually, I’ve have tried some out in soundcheck, maybe a song or 1/2 a song, I don’t really remember.
BGW: Considering I have that guitar you used in Tulsa Oklahoma, then I guess I’m doing pretty good then…
Phil Collen: I know really, yea, Jesus really. And your guitar is GREAT you know, the Lace. That’s why I got the chunky one, the reverse, because of that. So when I gave that one back to you, it was like SH**, I really miss it.

** This is just a sample of my collection – VERY special thanks to Phil Collen & Stan Schiller
Custom 4 Killers 4 Dinner – This guitar was a metallic black Jackson DKMGT thanks to Guitar Asylum. I then sent the body off to get a 1 of a kind pencil graphic of Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers. Here is some info I have been told about this particular scene: 1) The actual people that are in this scene are Bob Elmore (Bill Johnson’s stunt double), Robert Englund, Kane Hodder and George Wilbur. 2) It was a photo shoot for People Magazine. 3) The posters made are actually backwards from what the original shoot was. Click HERE and HERE for 2 additional close up photos of the guitar. Kane Hodder, Gunnar Hansen, Dick Warlock and Bill Johnson have signed the back.
Dean “Freddy” Guitar SIGNED – This is a cool 1990 Dean guitar with the well know Freddy Krueger graphic. This guitar was signed by Robert Englund and Lisa Wilcox at Monster Mania on 8/29/04. Robert told me personally that he has never signed a guitar, and this is his first one he has ever signed. I have seen others for sale that say they were signed by Robert, so I don’t know about those now…..
Jackson “Jason” Guitar SIGNED – GMW / Dan L. refinished and added a Jason graphic from Friday The 13th on my Jackson Dinky for me. I had the people that played Jason on the front: Betsy Palmer Pt1, Ari Lehman Pt1, Warrington Gillette Pt2, CJ Graham Pt6, Kane Hodder Pt7-10 and Ken Kirzinger (FvsJ). Everyone else signed the back: Tom Savini, Amy Steel, Adrienne King, Larry Zerner, Lar Park Lincoln, Ron Millikie, Al Magliochetti, John De Lemay, Stu Charno and Dick Warlock. Paramount interviewed me with the guitar at Fangoria 2004, and can bee seen on the Friday the 13th DVD box set.
Schecter Limited Edition 9/11 Acoustic Guitar – Only 125 of these instruments were made by Schecter Guitars and this guitar is hand numbered 104/125. The first 100 were sent as a ‘Thank You’ to New York City Fire Stations on 9/11/04 and the other 24 went to family and friends – that only left this 1 final guitar. These guitars will NEVER be sold in stores or to anyone. This guitar features a reproduction of the famous photo of the fireman raising the flag from the ruins of the Twin Towers. This hand-painted art was graciously painted Lisa Marano.
Phil’s Jackson Custom Adrenalize Dinky – This is the EXACT guitar that was seen and heard on part of the Adrenalize tour, used in the “Heaven Is” video, shown in the November 1992 issue of Guitar School and is in the 7-Day Weekend Tour Book. Stan has confirmed that this is the VERY FIRST original Adrenalize logo Jackson that he designed and was used on the 1992-1993 tour by Phil. It even has a glow-in-the-dark Jackson logo. It has remained in unbelievable condition considering this was a stage used guitar. Stan & Phil took real good care of this guitar and was set up right before I received it, right down to the same strings and set up as Phil likes it. A BIG thanks to my friend Stan.
Jackson Lacewood PC1 “X” Tour Used – I wanted to go for a different type of PC1. So I combined a solid lacewood body, birdseye maple neck and figured quilt maple fingerboard and turned it into a 1 of a kind creation. I really didn’t know what kind of potential this guitar had, until I showed it to Phil in New York City (April 12, 2003) and he plugged this bad boy in during sound check. Stan set up the guitar, just like Phil plays all his tour guitars, and played like only he can. Sounds came out of that guitar that I never knew existed. Phil was so impressed with this guitar, he used it for the last 5 songs that night AND he then took it that night on tour with him. This guitars last show was August 2nd in NJ, ending with the song Hysteria. 1 of 2 made.
Jackson KOA Top PC1 “X” Tour Used – This is #2 of 2 KOA PC1’s made (see below). So after my solid KOA body guitar was made, Lloyd tells me that he had enough wood left over to do another PC1 with a KOA top. So both KOA guitars are actually made from the same piece of wood. Soon after he received his KOA PC1, Phil was going to be in Tulsa and Lloyd wanted him to check out his guitar. So I hooked him up with Stan, and Phil checked out this guitar. He liked it so much, he used it on the last 3 songs of the concert, then signed the headstock for Lloyd. This one has a maple neck, with a rosewood fingerboard. So after this all happened, I HAD to have the matching KOA in my collection. So thats my story, and im sticking to it…..
Jackson “Custom Shop” PC1 – This is 1 of only 3 custom PC1’s, featuring a plastic diamond plate pick guard. This one was introduced at the winter NAMM 2004 show in Anaheim CA, and has a birdseye neck & fingerboard, reverse PC1 headstock, and a custom shop headstock logo. You may have seen 2 other guitars like this played by Phil on the “X” tour. He played 2 guitars that resemble this one (Lumpy & Sulley), but all 3 have different features, making each a 1 of a kind killer creation. 1 of 1 made.
Phil’s Personal Jackson Chlorine PC1 – I have obtained this studio used and personally owned Chlorine PC1 directly from Phil and Stan (Phil’s guitar tech). This is one of the most beautiful PC1’s I have ever seen. This was Phil’s 1997 Chlorine PC1, with a nice quilt maple top, a GREAT KOA body (no longer used), figured quilt maple fingerboard (no longer used), and a Sustainiac┬« “Stealth-PLUS” sustainer (RARE evaluation model. This is the ONLY PC1 to have this sustainer). Phil used this guitar recently in the Dublin studio for the new Def Leppard album and can bee seen on and heard on the new album “X”. This was also see on the VH1 Ultimate Albums. Phil has signed the back plate WITH the serial number.
Jackson NAMM PC1 Signed – This guitar was see at the winter NAMM 2001 show in Anaheim. While I was there with Phil, I asked him if he would sign the back of 3 PC1s that were on display for a dealer that was getting them. He said no problem, and actually signed signed each one twice; 1 on the back plate and 1 on the body. 4 years later, almost to the day, I acquired this mint / un-played killer PC1.
1996 USA Jackson Roswell #22 – This is one of the most rare Jackson guitars out there. If you were at NAMM 03, you may have seen me with this guitar at the GMW Guitarworks booth. This was previously owned by Phil Collen, and set up by my bud Stan. I actually watched Phil play this to its max, and im telling ya, this thing has an AMAZING sound to it. The body and headstock are machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade hand brushed aluminum alloy with surface ridges, NURBS (non-uniform rational B-spline) milled on, CAD-CAM computer humbucker by Tom Holmes, LSR gears, crop circle inlays and the neck is painted maple. There were only 121 of these made. HUGE thanks to Phil!
Jackson Phil Collen PROTOTYPE Archtop – This is a USA Phil Collen prototype ONE OF A KIND archtop guitar, the first Phil Collen guitar ever made with string thru the body and a tune-o-matic. This is my 2nd of 3 guitars that Grover Jackson has owned. It’s color is dark Gun Metal Grey metallic, and is in DEAD MINT condition. Grover Jackson held onto this guitar after production, and since it was a one of a kind prototype, this guitar was NEVER issued a serial number. Phil took some time to check out this guitar out and sign it for me after a concert in NY. Phil signed the guitar on the back because he didn’t want to mark up the face of the guitar. A hand signed letter is included with this guitars from Grover. Thanks!!
Jackson Custom Phil Collen Archtop – Rare 1 of a kind Phil Collen quilt PC archtop. This custom shop piece has a 3 piece birdseye neck, 2 piece mahogany body and a quilt maple top. The fingerboard is Brazilian rosewood, and the trem is like those on the older Scott Ian JJ guitars. The color is blood red and this is 1 of only 3 quilt PC archtops EVER made.
Jackson Custom Phil Collen Archtop – This is the FIRST EVER “quilt” PC archtop. I took ideas from my PC archtop, Adrenalize Dinky, PC1, string-thru archtop and combined them into a masterpiece with the help of GMW Guitarworks and Jackson Guitars. This guitar features a mahogany body painted green with an organic green quilt maple top, natural body binding, string-thru the body PC archtop construction, green eyeball inlays, matching reverse headstock with an abalone Jackson logo and gold hardware. I took it along with me to the winter NAMM 2002 show in Anaheim. Phil let me take some great shots of him and before he left, he signed the back in gold paint pen. There is only 1 other like this in existence, so far.

The Brooks Guitar Collection!